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Bend, Stretch … Adapt

Written by : Posted on January 10, 2011 : 4 Comments
jewellery workshop view

Doming Punches, Rolling Mill ... One View of my Jewellery Workshop


Here we are, 10 days into the New Year and I’m on track with my new workshop. I’m back in there properly today, starting work on an Golden Wedding Anniversary Bracelet – I can’t wait!

Was the journey straight forward?  No!   The proposed new location presented unexpected challenges and with so much custom jewellery to create, following that path would have taken too long.

So, I decided to adapt.

Adjust to New Conditions

I’m still going in exactly the same direction; the workshop will relocate in the future as planned. In the mean time, I’m being flexible. Bending the direct path into something that’s more achievable, stretching the timescales and enjoying the journey. Learning.

Seems to me, life is about constantly adjusting to new conditions. Whenever we set out in a new direction there’s a strong chance we’ll encounter surprises! The new location called for heaps more work than imagined and being without a jewellery workshop for so long just wouldn’t have worked.

So, I adapted. I adjusted to the new conditions.

Make it Suitable for Use

The workshop refit has made it wonderfully suitable for use.

More than that, it’s an enchanting space in which to create.

The heating is much better, the dust created while polishing is now contained and there’s an abundance of natural light in the design area. I’m truly delighted.

Being flexible and adapting to the situation has also given me the opportunity to try out ideas for the final layout. A bonus that I’d otherwise have missed.

Are you giving yourself enough of a chance for success? Bending, stretching and adapting?