Custom Jewellery Workshop

My Workshop Today Today, my jewellery workshop is as it has been for several years. Filled with a magical mélange of tools, my jewellery workbench, polishing equipment, a rolling mill and so on. All that, however, is about to change! In the name of progress, the...

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With Best Wishes

Wishing You Well At this time of year, best wishes are everywhere. An abundance of best wishes are being and sent and received across the world. When I think of those I love and the people I've met, I wish them well. I wish you well. Wishing You the Best When a child...

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An Element of Fire

What lights your fire? According to astrologists, the Zodiac element for the Aries star sign is fire. I am an Aries and certainly enjoy burning the leaves threatening to clog the storm drains at this time of year! Watching the orangey flames catch with a sudden...

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Jewellery Just for You

Bespoke Jewellery A recent conversation with an American friend highlighted that the term “bespoke jewellery” isn't always associated with custom made jewellery; that is, jewellery especially made to your design. I was born in the UK, have been living in France for...

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Tips on Buying Jewellery: Gemstones

Flawless Gemstones I recently saw a checklist of tips for buying jewellery for your loved one. One of the tips was to make sure that the gemstone is flawless, that it has no faults. Understanding Gemstones Firstly, one needs to have a good grasp of what a “fault” is....

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The Last of the Gold

Autumn Gold Here in the Languedoc region of France, our eyes savour the last of the autumn's golden colours. After a proliferation of reds and golds displayed in a glorious patchwork of vineyards, the last vestiges of gold are all that remain. A Mix of Gold The colour...

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Compass Necklace

Moonstone Compass Necklace Moonstone Compass Necklace

…and a compass set into the back!

Moonstone Compass Pendant

…a unique design all around

Moonstone Silver Compass Pendant

…and small enough to wear everyday

Moonstone Silver Compass Necklace

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