Understanding the Carat

Carat Since antiquity, the Carat (ct) has been a unit of measurement for precious stones. The term is derived from the kernel of the carob bean (from Greek keration). As such, the Carat - and therefore the price - of the stone being sold depended on the size of bean...

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Three Things I’ve Learned About Change

Change Happens Jasper, my puppy, is already a companion in the workshop. Yesterday he heard me using the jeweller's saw and didn't much like the sound. The steel saw blade rasping against silver; a harsh, grating sound. A new experience. I spoke to him, reassuringly....

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House Warming with a Twist

Cold to Cosy Our cold kitchen was made warm and cosy this morning by a lengthy session of making homemade muesli.   The aroma of grilled honey coated cereal and nuts wafting around the house is still being savoured! It also made me think that, with the advent of my...

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Thinking Big

How Big? I've recently been working on a project around 100 times bigger than usual. Instead of unique and intricate jewellery designs, I've been redesigning and rebuilding my workshop! Instead of using silver, gold and gemstones, I've been using wood, brackets,...

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Some Things Never Change

The Stuff that Doesn't Change Some things in life never change. Of particular note, is my husband's somewhat limited comprehension of just how much dust will be created when he knocks down an interior brick wall! I was reminded of this today as knocking down a brick...

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It’s Christmas!

Christmas Market It is customary for the French to go to untold lengths to celebrate occasions throughout the year with fêtes and fun. Since moving here, we've taken part in several and are just about to once again, this coming weekend! A gathering of local artisans...

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Compass Necklace

Moonstone Compass Necklace Moonstone Compass Necklace

…and a compass set into the back!

Moonstone Compass Pendant

…a unique design all around

Moonstone Silver Compass Pendant

…and small enough to wear everyday

Moonstone Silver Compass Necklace

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