Jewellery Workshop

Green Light for Blue Skies

New Space for Creating Yesterday's inaugural apéro evening for my new workshop took place last night! Several naughty but nice nibblies were served and a good time had by all. Great atmosphere. Auspicious. From this day forward, my one of a kind silver and gold...

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Bend, Stretch … Adapt

Adapt Here we are, 10 days into the New Year and I'm on track with my new workshop. I'm back in there properly today, starting work on an Golden Wedding Anniversary Bracelet - I can't wait! Was the journey straight forward?  No!   The proposed new location presented...

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Compass Necklace

Moonstone Compass Necklace Moonstone Compass Necklace

…and a compass set into the back!

Moonstone Compass Pendant

…a unique design all around

Moonstone Silver Compass Pendant

…and small enough to wear everyday

Moonstone Silver Compass Necklace

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