What Everyone Should Know about Petrified Wood

The Truth about Petrified Wood The truth about Petrified Wood is that, well, it's not wood. Not wood at all. I know, it's a little disappointing isn't it? But not to worry, I think the real story of how Petrified Wood occurs is pretty neat. The Life of the Tree A tree...

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Start Some of today was spent spreading out gemstones, sketching jewellery designs and deciding on what I'll be creating over the coming months. It's been fabulous. It's a sort of beginning, so made me think about starting new things. About energy. About projects,...

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The Glorious Opal

Opal Colour As the design area within my workshop evolves, I'm already salivating at the prospect poring over my collection of gemstones there. For me, the opal is a sheer celebration of colour. Opal Origins Opal is amorphous, that is, without a crystal structure....

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Compass Necklace

Moonstone Compass Necklace Moonstone Compass Necklace

…and a compass set into the back!

Moonstone Compass Pendant

…a unique design all around

Moonstone Silver Compass Pendant

…and small enough to wear everyday

Moonstone Silver Compass Necklace

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