Boyd Takes Flight

Boyd Takes Flight

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Just moments ago Boyd the bird – a swift – took flight and left us. We both feel he’s left something of a hole in our lives.

Boyd has left a Hole

2 weeks ago today, Chris rescued Boyd from the road outside our house. Since then we’ve dedicated much time and effort to his survival.

A journey of much grimacing and shuddering (on my part!) when it came to feeding him wriggling maggots. Of researching what’s best to feed him, how often and using what method. Chris fed him for days and days and then Boyd took a shine to the end of my finger for feeding.

It’s nothing short of amazing just how enormous such a little bird’s gullet is when he’s hungry … and how much of my finger disappears out of sight down there! And he’s hungry about every 90 minutes.

Twittering and Press-ups

Boyd is a swift and swifts must not be put in a cage or confined in anyway. So, he’s been in a large open, shallow box when we’re not around. When not in the box, his favourite spot was in Chris’s armpit on his dressing gown – all comfy and nuzzly. Apart from that, he was very happy sat on my desk where he did his press-ups.


Yes, press-ups. Using his wings on the desk, he pushes his body upwards and builds his muscle strength in the process. Incredible.

Also, rather amusing to watch!

He twitters and chirrups pretty much non-stop and gets a bit squawky without company.


And then Connie almost ate him

Clearing up after lunch (us, not the bird, silly), Boyd was sat on a cloth on a table. Suddenly, we heard a fluttering and saw him fly towards the window then land short of it on the floor.

Connie (our terrier) towered over him poised and ready to pounce. She can’t help it, she’s a terrier, bless her. But no, her jaws didn’t close around the little chirruppy fellow, no indeed they didn’t.

Seizing the moment, Chris took him outside and did his Statue of Liberty impression, holding Boyd aloft giving him the height he’d need for a successful take-off.

And take-off he did.

With, dare I say it, panache.

A stylish bit of tree negotiation, lovely strong and outstretched wings … and he’s gone.

We miss him already.






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