Windsurfing Paradise

Windsurfing Paradise

Written by : Posted on February 21, 2011 : 2 Comments
Sailing on the lake in France

Watersports. Embracing the Elements and Exhilaration.

The Sea

I love the sea. I feel so free when I’m near it.

This weekend brought a trip to the beach at La Franqui, Leucate. After the cold months, a spring like day in February invited me out into the fresh air and sunshine. To emerge from winter.

An immense stretch of beach; a fantastic feeling of space.

The Surf

Although a fairly still day, the wind that usually blows at La Franqui is one that is worshipped. A haven for wind surfing, kitesurfing and sand yachting, with its long sandy beaches.

The breaking waves of surf can be appreciated from the sand or surfboard. You can see them, hear them and feel them; even taste them.

The Sport

Signs of The Mondial du Vent 2011 are all around. An amazing event for sportsmen and women including a 20km kitesurfing race.

An unmissable celebration of The Element Wind. I’ll be there, for sure.

Windsurfers scudding across the waves, their surfboards appearing as an extension of their bodies. A colourful array of high-tech sails moving with graceful rapidity. A mesmerising unity of movement.

An incredible gathering of people who embrace the elements.

The exhilaration.

The experience.