Open, Closed or Discovered?

Open, Closed or Discovered?

Written by : Posted on February 17, 2011 : 2 Comments
Studded wooden door

Ancient door in Lagrasse, France.

Open Doors

Yesterday, I saw these photographs of French doors; a small window onto my friend Jennifer’s amazing collection.

I’m often inspired by the patterns, mechanics and intricacies of such things for my jewellery creations. However, seeing these images also made me think about the doors we open and close in life.

Jennifer is a good friend with a great attitude.

Closed Doors

Some parts of life don’t always work out the way we hoped or planned for.

These can be challenges we wish to tackle, to turn them around into something better. Or they can be situations or relationships where, in truth, it’s best to close the door; to leave whatever it was behind and move forward.

It’s a personal choice of where to direct our energy.

Discovered Doors

Ah, the Discovered Door. A door that we find along the way. The one we weren’t looking for but found ourselves in front of.

Those can be good ones!


  1. Very well stated and a good reminder that it is important to look for the open doors and close those that need to be closed.
    Thank you for the shout out!