The Truth about Speaking Jewellery

The Truth about Speaking Jewellery

Written by : Posted on January 29, 2011 : 3 Comments
Gold Necklace with Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline with powers of attraction…

The idea that jewellery speaks to you is what it’s all about.  Something happens between you and the creation; an inexplicable attraction.

Jewellery that Speaks

A lady recently commented on my creations saying

“Gah your items are gorgeous. They speak to me!”

and I was flattered by her words!

That jewellery speaks to you is what it’s all about.

Jewellery and the Spoken Word

Words are symbols. Symbols we use to communicate our intentions, feelings and much more.  So are pictures. Jim Connolly recently wrote about just how powerful images can be.  About using them to help others picture your message.

Jewellery is often symbolic, too.  It can stand for many words – can be used instead of words.

An antique jewellery creation, that your Great Grandmother used to treasure, will carry the stories of the lives it touched through the generations. My custom jewellery creations often start with a story; a story that becomes woven into its design. Secrets, memories and hopes are uniquely bound into the creation.

What Your Jewellery Says

There is an art to giving.

Choosing a special gift, a meaningful gift. Creating a shared memory of the moment of giving and receiving.  Creating an occasion where your feelings are expressed.