Three Things I’ve Learned About Change

Three Things I’ve Learned About Change

Written by : Posted on January 23, 2011 : 22 Comments
Jasper in the Garden.  Explorer, Adventurer and Puppy.  (Age: 9 weeks)

Jasper in the Garden. Explorer, Adventurer and Puppy. (Age: 9 weeks)

Change Happens

Jasper, my puppy, is already a companion in the workshop. Yesterday he heard me using the jeweller’s saw and didn’t much like the sound. The steel saw blade rasping against silver; a harsh, grating sound. A new experience.

I spoke to him, reassuringly. He settled down. I continued.

It’s all about learning. Learning what’s OK and what’s not.

He’s also growing – a type of change that just happens. He’s learning that he can reach further and leap higher. He’s learning that he can no longer fit underneath the unit that he could last week! He’s learning his place in the pack with our other dogs.

Belief Precedes Change

He also appears to believe that he’s invincible!

There are three small steps down into our garden. After only a moment’s hesitation, Jasper leapt from the top step – an excited, confident leap that would take him to another world.

He tumbled, rolled, picked himself up and had a shake. Sorted.

“Right, now what’s here for me to explore…?”

Next time, the steps were easier. He’d believed he could do it, tried it out, tumbled a little – but learned a lot.

We Grow with Change

In my experience, committing to change sometimes needs a leap of faith.

Acting on the decision to become a Goldsmith, to live in France, to do the things I’m doing – all this meant leaving various chunks of the future to chance. I didn’t feel completely ready, but have ended up discovering so much more than I’d ever imagined. I’ve dealt with some situations better than others, don’t we all?! I’ve felt more alive than ever before. I’ve grown.

Life is an adventure. For Jasper and for me!


  1. Oh. My. He’s adorable! I remember that puppy stage – when they can’t figure out why they can no longer fit here and then realize that they can now go there….
    Sedi always howls when the hubs uses his router. Always. Just a little howl, but a howl.

  2. Your post so resonates with me (and I am sure every ex-pat). My husband and I also left a safe and secure life behind in the UK to live in Seville, Spain where we now run 2 businesses. The fear, worry, sleepless nights, trepidation etc were all the making of who we are today.
    Great post and GORGEOUS puppy; I want him!!

  3. Jim Connolly was the one who presented this website this morning through twitter. And if I visit I leave a comment so here I am writing it down for You to keep. Thanks for sharing and hope to meet up online some where! from us @straightalk

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  5. Pamela Bassett on said:

    Hi Gee,
    What a gorgeous little thing Jasper is.
    There are no better friends than our pets.Mine keep me reasonably sane! Have got back to making some jewellery again as I hadn’t done any for a year. I had a kick ro help me. On one day I had two e-mails from favourite suppliers firms with new websites. I got interested and sent two orders, That same evening my jeweller I supply rang up and asked for pieces. So that was my push to get going again.
    luv Pam