Green Light for Blue Skies

Green Light for Blue Skies

Written by : Posted on January 11, 2011 : 10 Comments
Blue Sky in the Jewellery Workshop

View From the Jeweller's Bench: Blue Sky in the Workshop

New Space for Creating

Yesterday’s inaugural apéro evening for my new workshop took place last night! Several naughty but nice nibblies were served and a good time had by all. Great atmosphere. Auspicious.

From this day forward, my one of a kind silver and gold jewellery will be created in this new space.

Actually, I must admit that I began making a bracelet yesterday – the space was just calling me to get in there and get started! I couldn’t resist.

Blue Skies

One of the things that I’ve noticed about living in France is just how big the sky is here. The picture above shows you just how blue it was yesterday, too! If you were to sit at my jewellery workbench in its new position, the photo shows exactly what you’d see.

I’ve read so many great blog posts about the importance of getting your work environment right and, you know what, I think I’m on to something here. That’s a pretty good outlook.

Green Light

There’s nothing left to do – the green light is shining for me to go ahead. To create jewellery and compass pendants to my heart’s content.

And to the content and delight of others, too.

Am keeping in touch with the lady for whom I’m making this bracelet so that we get the length just right. I have really tiny wrists and know how annoying it can be when a bracelet is just that little bit too long.

Her custom made bracelet is going to be exactly the way she wants it to be.



  1. A window over your workspace is so very nice, Gee, and it is motivating. I can see forever from my office window and I love overlooking the city. I know that moving up from my lower office to here made a huge difference in my mental attitude. I bet your creativity (which is already amazing) will zoom in your new space with a view!

  2. You two have created a wonderful space and I’m very happy to have helped inaugurate the workshop with you.
    Is there no end to what you guys can do?

  3. Your new space looks just delightful. What I wouldn’t give for a glimpse of that blue sky! I know beautiful things will come from here. No doubt about it.

    • How lovely to read this on a Saturday morning! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving lovely words. I’ll send over some blue sky right away…!