House Warming with a Twist

January 05, 2011
jewellery workshop bench

Workshop Refit in Progress. Spirit level, masonry bits and tools still there!

Cold to Cosy

Our cold kitchen was made warm and cosy this morning by a lengthy session of making homemade muesli.   The aroma of grilled honey coated cereal and nuts wafting around the house is still being savoured!

It also made me think that, with the advent of my new workshop, perhaps I need to throw a house warming party!

Warming the Workshop

Actually, it will be more of a jewellery workshop warming party…

Given that the workshop has been designed around being a compact space for me to work in, I’m going to need to limit my numbers. To this end, I’m considering inviting the following lovely folk to join me.

Firstly, my husband, Kiff Backhouse, who is responsible for each and every photograph of my creations in my jewellery gallery. Extremely talented and patient, eh?! He’s also generally lovely but I think I’ve already said that elsewhere!

Next, my good friend Jennifer Greco who blogs beautifully about a taste of life in the South of France. She’s also a chef and cheese expert (addict?!), and I’m rather hoping she’ll bring something sensationally smelly along for the event!!

Although I’ve not yet met Katie Zeller, I’m enjoying Tweeting with her. She’s an American expat, restoring an old farmhouse in France; cooking, shopping, stumbling thru French life. Oh, and running a menu planning service for healthy eating! Anyway, she’s in France and she would be very welcome to join the workshop warming!

The Warmth of Friendship

There are many more of you I’d like to invite but my workshop space is limited! How about I work on a virtual tour of this special place for you in the future…?

Keep Warm.


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  1. Chez Loulou

    Thanks for the invite! Yes, I would love to come to your workshop warming party. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Julie Walraven | Resume Services

    I wish I could come too! It sounds like great fun and great food which I am always up for and then I could see your jewelry in person. You are so creative! I never think about those kinds of things, like house-warming parties.

    • Gee Backhouse

      I wish you could join us, too, Julie! The cheese will be described, the event recorded and the moment savoured!

  3. Katie

    Yoy have no idea how much I would like to come…. But I think you are too far away for a day trip (maybe not) and, with old, decrepit dog, can’t do overnights at the moment.

    • Gee Backhouse

      A Spring version may well be possible and may suit you better – here’s hoping. A sort of “official” workshop opening in line with having an “official” birthday?!

  4. Andrea

    I would so love to be part of this house warming! What a wonderful thing to celebrate and with such delicious friends. I will be with you in spirit!

    • Gee Backhouse

      Great – glad to hear it! It’s going to be fun 😉

  5. Dawn Bugni

    RT @rockwaterstudio: Muesli (granola?!), photography, cheese, expats and house warming in France with friends. (fr …

  6. Julie Walraven

    RT @rockwaterstudio: Muesli (granola?!), photography, cheese, expats and house warming in France with friends. (fr …