Some Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change

Written by : Posted on December 28, 2010 : 3 Comments
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The Stuff that Doesn’t Change

Some things in life never change. Of particular note, is my husband’s somewhat limited comprehension of just how much dust will be created when he knocks down an interior brick wall!

I was reminded of this today as knocking down a brick wall is part of relocating my jewellery workshop.

Is Change Necessary?

Tough question. In the grand scheme of things only you really know the answer; it involves you being honest with yourself, too. I truly believe that we all have the answers within, but that getting at those answers is often the tricky part!

Do I need to change my husband so he doesn’t make so much dust? Er, no.

My husband is an inspiration. A multi-facetted man, he’s a wonderful cook, a brilliant photographer and something of an historian. He’s talented when it comes to technology, handy in almost every area of DIY and has a head filled with ideas of things he’s yet to do in life.

When my idea to make compass pendants into something extraordinarily special, imbued with meaning, he encouraged me. He urged me to nurture my belief and felt that in doing so, I would inspire the lives of others, too.

A Change in Attitude

Some of us seek perfection; we imagine a perfect person, world or situation, and believe it’s real. I believe that striving for the best is healthy, but that the secret is accepting that life is about balance.

My husband is messy; whether he’s building or cooking, that’s just the way he is! But it simply doesn’t matter.

When I look at life, I see many things that I can’t change but take comfort in the fact that what I can change is my attitude towards them.