It’s Christmas!

December 16, 2010
Labradorite Beads

Labradorite Gemstone with Flashes of Colour

Christmas Market

It is customary for the French to go to untold lengths to celebrate occasions throughout the year with fêtes and fun. Since moving here, we’ve taken part in several and are just about to once again, this coming weekend!

A gathering of local artisans are getting together to exhibit their creations and provide a festive opportunity for some Christmas shopping, wine tasting and … well, just getting together!

A Splash of Colour

The season is cold but vibrant. Decorations and lights, regional foods and wines, traditionally hand crafted works of art ranging from mosaics to sculptures. It’s a special time … and a special place. I find the energy and enthusiasm of the locals unsurpassed.

For my part, I shall show jewellery creations of colour with gemstones of auspicious qualities.

Labradorite is one of my favourite gemstones and displays flashes of colour when viewed at certain angles. Typically flashes of peacock blue but can include greens, coppery reds and dusky golds.

It is also a mineral is believed to protect one’s aura; to dispel insecurity and apprehension and to attract the strength and perseverance required to achieve one’s destiny. A perfect jewellery gift imbued with hope for the New Year.

A Feeling of Unity

I feel privileged to have been invited to join these people to exhibit and am really looking forward the day we will share. The variety and skill of the individuals concerned is breath-taking and the atmosphere is always sensational!


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  1. Katie

    I wish I could have visited your fair…. Maybe next year we’ll be able to travel a bit again. I’m not familiar with labradorite – sounds gorgeous!

    • Gee Backhouse

      Labradorite is, indeed, gorgeous! There’s so much to each piece … and such depth. A sure favourite of mine!