Custom Jewellery Workshop

December 14, 2010
the goldsmith's workshop

The New Home for my Jewellery Workshop - complete with wood effect beams!

My Workshop Today

Today, my jewellery workshop is as it has been for several years. Filled with a magical mélange of tools, my jewellery workbench, polishing equipment, a rolling mill and so on.

All that, however, is about to change! In the name of progress, the workshop is to be relocated.

Custom Jewellery, Custom Workshop

When I make jewellery, whether it’s to add to my gallery of creations or to work on specially commissioned jewellery, I need a custom workshop. I need a specially designed workshop; somewhere that is functional and comfortable, a place to lose track of time, doing what I love.

The picture above shows the new location – but in it’s current state. This place that hasn’t been decorated since at least the 1920s – just look at those beams! They’re wooden beams that have been covered in plaster – and then papered with a wood effect wallpaper!!

French interior design has obviously moved on since then, thank goodness.

My Workshop of Tomorrow…

There’s a lot of work ahead in creating my new jewellery workshop, but I just know it’s going to be fabulous.

Rest assured, the faux wooden beams will be no more!  Wish me luck?!


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  1. Jim Connolly

    I love that – papering over real wood beams, with wood effect wallpaper.

    Priceless 😉

    Thanks for sharing Gee.

    • Gee Backhouse

      Incredible, isn’t it?! And the paper is almost worth saving…?!