With Best Wishes

With Best Wishes

Written by : Posted on December 9, 2010 : 3 Comments
Gold Compass Pendant

Handmade Gold Compass Pendant - the compass is on the reverse! (Photo: Kiff Backhouse)

Wishing You Well

At this time of year, best wishes are everywhere. An abundance of best wishes are being and sent and received across the world.

When I think of those I love and the people I’ve met, I wish them well.

I wish you well.

Wishing You the Best

When a child is born, we wish them the best possible future. We wish them the courage to stay true to their pure ideals and dreams. How many times are we told to harness our inner child, to play more freely without constraint? To rediscover our inner child.

When a friend sets out on a new path in life, we wish them the resolve to stick to it, to see it through when things are tough. To strive for the success that is waiting for them beyond the uncertain terrain.

When a friend is unwell, we wish them contentment. We wish them the spirit and determination to achieve a feeling of positivity and cheerfulness. It’s hard work, but a worthwhile journey that can lead to better experience of life.

Wishing You Companionship

I meet clients both at exhibitions and when they’ve arranged a private visit to see my compass jewellery. When they see their compass pendant for the first time and just know it’s for them, it’s heartwarming. Beyond it’s appearance and the way it feels when they touch it, it means something to them. It is significant in some special way.

It often transpires that the compass gift is particularly fitting, that staying true to a new direction is especially important.

When it’s a purchase for themselves, the compass pendant is tried on; the connection is made, the relationship has begun. The compass has become a companion and rarely does it leave in it’s pouch!

Wishing You Happiness

However you’re celebrating life, I wish you every happiness.