The Sound of Quality

The Sound of Quality

Written by : Posted on November 18, 2010 : 8 Comments
Silver and Gold Compass Bracelet with Citrine

Silver and Gold Compass Bracelet with Citrine (Photo by Kiff Backhouse)

How We Perceive Quality

I love boots. When choosing boots, I look for quality using various senses.

The manner in which the leather has been cut and shaped, and the way it has been stitched to the sole, is where the craftsmanship can be seen. The way the leather feels at my fingertips also tells me a great deal. Good quality leather also has an unmistakable smell. Through various senses, I perceive the resistance, quality and design of the boots.

Such quality is of paramount importance when I create jewellery, too.

The Look and Feel of Quality

The compass bracelet in the picture above includes a precision built compass. At first glance, this unique aspect of quality may not be obvious, visually. However, for me to be able to offer compass jewellery that I know will stand the test of time is vital. The north seeking, jewelled sapphire bearing compass inside is both accurate and of sound construction.

Encircled by a band of gold, the compass and other treasures move freely on the chain; a comfortable flow and rhythm of movement. An individually designed and hand made toggle closure safely secures the bracelet on the wrist. A visible Hallmark endorses the quality of the metals used.

The Sound of Quality

Jewellery also has it’s own sound. As you hold this bracelet in your hand and listen to the way it sounds when you move it against itself, it sounds … right.

It’s similar to when you let smooth pebbles tumble out of your hand, the sound they make as they fall together is full and mellow. A rich sound of quality as opposed to a shrill or light tinkling sound.

For me, the sound, the timbre, of a bracelet when it moves on the wrist is very much a part of the joy of wearing it. I only wish I could better describe it!


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  2. That’s a seriously beautiful bracelet, Gee, and beautifully described too. I’m a total snob for quality stuff. I’d rather go without, or keep using old but awesome stuff, than settle for something that’s mediocre.I suspect we have much in common!