Traditional Workmanship of the Goldsmith

November 16, 2010
annealing gold

Annealing: Gee Preparing Gold in the Workshop (Photo by Kiff Backhouse)

Working with My Hands

Perhaps I was destined to work with my hands. Today, I work with my hands and my heart as well as my head.

The shape of my life has changed enormously. Although from a family of fine art dealers, my first career started in the world of Information Technology. Today, however, I am a Goldsmith living in France.

The Jewellery Workshop

The jewellery workshop is a place where I lose track of time. Creative ideas are realised in this special place.

Amply equipped, the workshop is home to a variety of tools; tools from the past, some newer, and some individually crafted to meet a particular need.  It also houses numerous discarded items that might one day be useful.  A veritable den.

The Goldsmiths’ tools are never lent or shared for there’s an intimate relationship between them. The way one uses a file, for example, is unique to the individual.  So, too, is the knowledge of its age, degree of abrasiveness and its idiosyncrasies; a dead area here, a nick there. A familiarity exists that’s key to knowing what to expect from a certain tool and how to achieve a particular outcome.

A Master Craftsman of Goldsmiths’ Hall was my teacher and I, his apprentice. An advocate of the classical skills of traditional workmanship, he’s a gentleman I’m privileged to have met. Creative and mechanically inclined, I remain fascinated by the challenges and rewards of the profession; of working directly with gold and silver.

Jewellery for the Individual

Working with my hands and my heart, as well as my head, continues to inspire me. Part of what makes my jewellery so special is that it is uniquely created using the classical skills of traditional workmanship.

Jewellery often makes the perfect gift. Individually hand made jewellery makes it unique.


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