The Business of Risk

The Business of Risk

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Risico. The story of a barge on the Canal du Midi.

Risico Means Risk

Risico is the name a beautiful barge on the Canal du Midi that I was recently fortunate enough to be aboard. When I enquired about the name, Risico, the gentleman owner explained that it meant Risk and told me the story to accompany it.

A Time for Risk

In years gone by, the canals were the route by which goods were transported. Barges would navigate up and down the canals laden with their cargo and a crew. An apprentice would be watching and learning the ropes to become a captain.

From time to time, an apprentice would approach the owner about buying the barge for himself. The time would come where the apprentice wanted to take the risk and put everything he had into owning and running the barge.

Risk and Ownership

At the time of taking on the barge for himself, this new owner re-named the barge Risico. He gave the barge a name to suit the occasion, to celebrate and cement the commitment.

The Rarity of Risk

Not everyone acts on the decision to take on a new project and give it their all. I mean to take a real risk as part of changing their life for the better; to risk the security of the familiar, for the adventure of the unknown.

In fact, I think it’s something of a rarity.

However, I can’t help but admire those who do for their adventurous spirit.


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  2. You do admire the people who act on a decision to take on a new project and give it their all, Gee, and so do I. My favorite people are game changers, people who look at a problem and figure out how to solve it.

    You would be one of those people and I am happy to say we are friends!

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