Push-Up Bras and Go-Faster Stripes

October 12, 2010
Tourmaline Gold Compass Pendant

Tourmaline - Inspiration, Courage & Confidence (Photo: Kiff Backhouse)

The Packaging

Each of us wants to be the best we can be; to present ourselves in the best possible light.  However you achieve this, be it a push-up bra or go-faster stripes, it’s a kind of marketing. Being your best self.

Whilst there is a time for the push-up bra – and yes, I believe there is! – I reckon it’s the person inside that really matters. The person beyond the packaging.

The Individual

What sorts of things appeal to you? How do these things reflect the individual that you are?

In terms of trucks, I’m the kind of girl who wants a diff lock for good traction control. You can’t see it, but it’s there and ready when you need it. I go for reliability, performance and quality.

In terms of boots, I want a charming mix of elegance and practicality. You can read more about my thing with boots here.

In terms of jewellery, I want something that works as easily with an evening dress as it does with jeans and a t-shirt. Something distinctive yet sophisticated.

In terms of life, I want to live it. Really live it.

The Adventurer

Lift and separate yourself from the masses!

Express the real you.


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  1. El Edwards

    Oh yes, definitely a time for push up bras but this adventurer moves faster in flat boots and a big smile. The heels just make me walk funny! I love how your posts always make me smile and walk with an extra skip in my step. Thanks Gee 🙂

    • Gee Backhouse

      Oh me, too! My boots don’t have high heels! Am thrilled that I’ve made you smile!


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