Bury Your Feet in the Sand

Bury Your Feet in the Sand

Written by : Posted on October 4, 2010 : 4 Comments
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Sand to Bury Your Feet In, Southern France. Heavenly.

The Beach

The last few fabulous days have been spent with friends who came to visit us here in France. The seasons are changing, but we were easily able to spend a day on the beach, walk along the water’s edge, barbecue sausages and enjoy the warm sunshine. I also buried my feet in the sand. It was all part of a keeping-very-still thing.

In my world, much needs to be done right now. With big chunks of change and amidst various projects, in the workshop and out, time for rest and exercise has been squished. I know I’m going in the right direction. There are also times when it’s all about getting on with what needs to be done. However, having spent some time with my feet buried in the sand, I also know that, from time to time, I need to … just stop.

Bury Your Head?  Or your Feet!

Some people bury their heads in the sand. They avoid dealing with situations that need attention, and refuse even to think about them. However, in my opinion, burying your feet in the sand is the way to go. Burying my feet in the sand meant time to think. It meant keeping still, enjoying the company of my friends, the perfect weather, the special moments. It also inspired some creative thinking about next steps on my journey, my adventure.


One of my friends was hoping that I might be quiet for a bit, too. You know – actually stop talking. Didn’t happen.