A Day in the Life of This Goldsmith

A Day in the Life of This Goldsmith

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My Jewellery Workbench (Photo: Kiff Backhouse)


Yesterday I finished working on a sizeable project.  Here’s my workbench … including a plate of Marmite on toast with grilled cheese, brought to me by my husband. He’s a good man.

This Morning

Whilst talking to the cleaner** this morning, she and I arrived at the conclusion that, much as I love what I do, I needed a break and a change of scene. Of course, she was right, but there was more work to do, and I needed to go shopping, too.

“It’s a beautiful, sunny day in southern France and your project is finished. Why not combine the shopping trip with a lunch out in Narbonne?” said the cleaner. She comes up with some fabulous ideas, you know.


So, today I had a sensational salad lunch at Le Bistrot. Goat’s cheese wrapped in bacon served on slices of toasted baguette, smothered in onion confit. All this amidst a mound of lettuce, a fan of sliced apple, black olives, walnuts, tomatoes, cucumber and prettily chiselled pieces of carrot. There I sat, a stone’s throw from the Canal de la Robine, lapping up the sunshine, eating this heavenly dish.

I also managed to splatter an olive oil dressing over myself, my handbag, the bench and the wall. A little too much vigour in trying to get the balsamicky-mustard sludge in the bottom of the bottle to mix in with the olive oil! Still, I think the episode went unnoticed. Er, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that part…


A gentle stroll back to the car and then shopping. Much better to shop when not hungry, too.

Here and Now

Reflecting on how lovely it’s been doing something different today. “Doing Lunch” every day isn’t an option, it’s an occasional treat. I relish the flexibility of being able to choose what I do, when and where.

** I am also my own cleaner.

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