Captivating and Curvy Change

Captivating and Curvy Change

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Curvy change, Life's a Journey

A curvy path on the journey of life...

Just for a Change

Every so often, I sit before the piano and play; it’s a rarity, these days. This evening, just for a change, I played Perpetual Motion by Strauss. My husband, Chris, goes into stealth mode on these occasions in the hope that I’ll continue uninterrupted. He loves it when I play, even when I practise. The title, Perpetual Motion, struck a chord with me.

I savour change. Change plays a major role in my life. Some changes are more significant than others, but there is always some sort of change going on. You could say it’s a perpetual thing. It’s become a bit of a joke that, if Chris goes away for a night or two, he’ll take a last glance at the living room in the knowledge that it’ll probably look different when he returns. It’ll still be home, but with a degree of rearrangement or change. I like to keep him on his toes.

Change is Curvy … and Captivating

Through acting on a decision to change, I am here in my life. Living where I live, with the man (and dogs) that I live with, spending my days creating in my jewellery workshop.

Did I get to this particular place in one straight forward, big step? No.

Did I arrive at this juncture by following a direct route? Er, nope.

Did I always have it in mind that I’d end up where I am right now? No.

Is that it now? Have a got where I’m going? Certainly not!

The Deliciousness of Change

The way I see it, once you’ve chosen to change even a tiny bit of your life, and acted on that decision, futher change is both inevitable and delicious. As a result of making that one change, you discover something new which inspires further change; something that taking that first step showed you.

The unfolding of the change, and all that it brings, is delicious. It’s what makes life an adventure.

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