These Boots Were Made for Walking

These Boots Were Made for Walking

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These Boots were made for Walking

Low Maintenance

I love shoes. I especially love boots. I have approximately, mumble, pairs of boots. Not just walking boots either, all sorts of boots.

Well, when I say “all sorts of boots” that’s not quite true. They all, pretty much, come under the heading of Everyday All Terrain boots. Whilst you’re not necessarily going to find that term in a drop-down box of styles on an on-line boot store, I hope you can imagine what I’m talking about.

My husband agrees, without coercion I might add, that I’m a low-maintenance woman. The only time he really gets nervous about me spending is when I’m shopping for gemstones. Thankfully, on these occasions, I can reassure him. Without enough, or the right, gemstones, how can I possibly create beautiful compass jewellery?! Et voilà, problem solved.

Fit For Purpose

So, back to my boots. The common thread is that, whichever pair of boots I wear, I’m prepared for almost any eventuality. As Nancy Sinatra put it so eloquently, “These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do”.

If I need to walk the last mile of the road to drop the dogs off at boarding kennels in blizzard conditions because it’s more than the car can handle? I’m ready. By the way, that did happen!

If we decide to eat at a restaurant one evening and an element of style is required? I’m ready.

If we’re going through the vineyards for a sunset ride on the motorbike? I’m ready.

Style, Elegance and Practicality

Life is an adventure and I prefer being ready for it with a charming mix of style, elegance and practicality.  This is also what I have in mind when designing my compass jewellery.

Are you ready, boots? Start walking!


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