Turquoise Talisman for Change

Turquoise Talisman for Change

Written by : Posted on September 17, 2010 : 2 Comments
Gold Compass Pendant, Turquoise Compass Pendant

9ct Gold Compass Pendant with Turquoise (Photo by: Kiff Backhouse) Turquoise: A Talisman in Times of Change

Change; a bit about what it might mean

Change can involve moving from one place to another. Change can mean swapping one thing for another. Change can mean replacing something that doesn’t work with something that does.

A change in direction.

Change; a personal note

You are an individual. The nature, significance and magnitude of your change is unique and personal to you.

Maybe there’s something in your life that you would quite like to change. Maybe there’s an aspect of your life that really needs to change urgently, pressing for your attention right now. Maybe it feels as if change is looming and unavoidable.

Often, a very small change can make a huge difference. A change that you might think is imperceptible to the outside world can actually be very noticeable. What I mean is, if you change something in your life for the better, your sparkle will be that little bit brighter than before.

Change and Choice

Change is an option for everyone. Whether it’s something teeny or humungous, it’s still change.  Even the smallest of changes can lead to adventure.

Me? Well, today I’ve decided to wear make-up in my jewellery workshop. Yes, I’m alone in there but it makes me feel extra fabulous! And feeling extra fabulous whilst creating compass jewellery has got to be good.

Do share your ideas for small changes that spring to mind …