Reaping the Rewards of Adventure

September 16, 2010
Vineyards in the Languedoc, grapes

Harvest Time in the Languedoc (Photo: Kiff Backhouse)

The Harvest has Begun

The results of all the hard work and effort tending the vineyards are now being rewarded. Crops of grapes are being gathered in by the vignerons.

Tractors rumble past my jewellery workshop window pulling trailers laden to the brim with grapes; the glass panes rattle to the rhythm in their window frames. I’ve begun to renovate the windows in our home, but the one in the workshop awaits my attention. Each involves taking the window out, smashing out the ultra thin glass and stripping paint from a delicately moulded frame. Then comes sanding, with patience, to a smooth finish before fixing in the new panes. Only slightly thicker glass than the originals, but an improvement. Finally, several coats of a mix of oils to seal and preserve the wood.

With an appreciation for the original character of the house, we’re renovating slowly and in harmony with our own progress in this new life. Really, why rush? Yes, there are some aspects that have needed urgent attention; the sieve of a roof, for example, just couldn’t wait.  However, we’re enjoying the journey and doing what makes sense in terms of resources available.

The Harvest from my Adventure

Choosing to change my profession and to live in France has been an adventure. And then some. I never imagined that I would have the life I have now, but I’m delighted that I do!

The transition from a handful of dreams and ideas to this whole new life has taken hard work and effort. Just like the crops, it doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time.  But here we are, living it.  The ups and downs of the journey continue to make it an adventure and provide fertile soil for learning.

Your Adventure, Your Harvest

As with any great adventure, whatever it may be, it starts with the first step and goes on from there. What would the trailer be laden with in your adventure?


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