Are You Ready for Adventure?

Are You Ready for Adventure?

Written by : Posted on September 7, 2010 : 2 Comments
Let's see where this goes

An adventure in Caune Minervois: Let's see where this path goes!

I like to interpret the word adventure as a fun and exciting opportunity to live a great life. Yes, there’s often some risk and danger thrown in, and it’s this fabulous mix that makes it an adventure. I’ve chosen to live a life of adventure.

What does the word adventure mean to You?

What I mean is, if you close your eyes and say to yourself “I’m setting out on an adventure”, what sorts of things come to mind?

How prepared are you for your own adventure?  What would you take with you?

What is it about the adventure that appeals to you?

In what ways would an adventure be different from your everyday life?

Adventure and Opportunity

We had a storm last night. The rain pelted down noisily, soaking the bone dry earth and rinsing away months of dustiness. Sitting on the back doorstep this morning, with the rain still pattering down gently, left me feeling poised for whatever adventure comes my way today. As I crouched down on the step, our two dogs nuzzled against me, with their ears back and tails wagging gently. Almost as if they felt a sort of readiness and excitement, too.

Whilst today’s adventure might not involve moving to live in another country (eek!), it can still be adventurous. Yes indeed. In fact, tackling a challenging stone-setting task in one of my gold compass pendant creations is going to be the first adventure of the day!

Your Adventure.  Your Direction.

Whatever your direction over the next day, month or year, and however you’re planning to achieve your goals, I hope yours is a great adventure and would love to hear about it.


  1. Well, Gee, I think for many people just the choice of self-employment versus the stability of working for a corporation is an adventure. It is also an adventure that many people would be afraid to try.

    I’ve been self-employed much longer than I have been employed now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Right now I am one of the millions of Americans without health insurance but I would have gone bankrupt paying the premiums… that’s an adventure that many people would run away from.

    Adventure is what you make it. Life is more fun when you approach it with an attitude of adventure.

    • Hi Julie,
      I certainly agree that choosing to go self-employed is an adventure – and one that fills many with fear. Your healthy attitude towards living life as an adventure will surely keep you from needing any health insurance! Thank you for your inspirational comments.