Mistakes and Miracles

August 12, 2010
Peridot Compass

The Compass of Direction (one of my compass creations)

Don’t let making a mistake get in the way of your miracle.

Recently, I met someone who had decided to change her career and who spoke about her new idea with a sparkle in her eyes. She chatted enthusiastically about her plans and listed off an impressive inventory of her latest qualifications. She had her family’s support and had already met up with some promising business contacts.

Up until now, she had been following her new direction. Everything had gone well. Without any real financial worries, she had been able to prepare herself for this new career in a safe and supportive environment.

Great, really great. However, she then told me she felt that she was in limbo; that she needed to find something so she could get started. All her enthusiasm and certainty seemed to evaporate and she even drifted on to talking about a completely different career.

She had arrived at crunch time. Ready to go live. Primed to put everything she’d learned into action. She was all set to give it a try but something was preventing it.

Here’s the thing. The shift from preparing for a new path to actually following it, requires a degree of courage. What if you make a mistake? What if it doesn’t work out they way you’d imagined? What if, after all this ground work, you’re not a success? What if, now this is a big one, what if you look silly?

So, as I said, don’t let making a mistake get in the way of your miracle.

Choose your direction. Prepare for it. Then do it. Make mistakes.

The experience of making mistakes leads inevitably to the miracle of learning.

What really great mistakes have you made lately?


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  1. Julie Walraven | Resume Services

    Love it, Gee! And those are words that I would love to have every one of my clients internalize. “don’t let making a mistake get in the way of your miracle…
    Choose your direction. Prepare for it. Then do it. Make mistakes…
    The experience of making mistakes leads inevitably to the miracle of learning.”

    We all are a work in progress. I geared up fast to take my business from operating with contract income to operating solo with focus on the career side of me. There were investments in education, home improvements, marketing training, and some unexpected expenses from cars that I didn’t plan and one bad month in March. I am recovering rapidly with national and global clients now that were not there a year ago and being found so much easier online but there are always challenges. Plan, prepare and do… and then recover from the mistakes or missteps and go onward.

    • Gee Backhouse

      Thank you so much for your comments, Julie.

      Your work in progress sounds exciting. Planned and non-so-planned experiences and expenses followed by rapid recovery and new clients. It’s good to know there are fellow mistake makers out there who pick themselves up, dust themselves off and forge ahead 🙂

  2. El Edwards

    The curse of planning and preparation —> Mistakes and Miracles – http://b2l.me/agtxvv via @rockwaterstudio

  3. El Edwards

    Ooh, the curse of preparation. We don’t half love to plan and get excited and ready do we? Thanks for sharing this with me. It feels very timely advice. I’m a great one for ideas and enthusiasm but at some point you have to just step into the shoes and run don’t you?

    • Gee Backhouse

      Hello El, Lovely to see you here. Yes, you’re right, there comes a point when that first step into what feels like the unknown must be made. Interestingly, I’ve found it’s often easier than I expected and leaves me wanting to try more!