Life is an Adventure

July 27, 2010
Fire Opal Gold Pendant

Fire Opal - An Inner Flame of Vitality (Photo: Kiff Backhouse)

The term “adventure” is often associated with risk and danger. My own interpretation of adventure is that it’s a fun and exciting opportunity to live a great life – with some risk and danger thrown in for good measure!

Patterns of Success

Once upon a time, I had the trappings of a successful career woman, living very comfortably. Heavenly holidays, sumptuous restaurants, new clothes – you know the sort of thing. I’d achieved respectable qualifications and secured senior roles through results based merits. My life had a pattern that it’s easy to associate with success.

However, I didn’t feel fulfilled. Many of the really fun things, the adventures, had to be squished into the small spaces that were left after I’d given enough of myself to my work. The balance wasn’t right.

I met several inspirational people along the way, some of whom are now my closest friends. However, whilst I was interested in doing my job well, I wasn’t passionate about the work itself.

Choose Your Direction

So I took a risk and changed direction! Now, in truth, I can’t tell you that this happened in a calm and timely way – rather, my impulsive nature stepped in and things began to happen. I left my work and changed course. As part of that, my husband Chris and I also moved to France!

Be Yourself

I’m now doing what I love. Creative and mechanically inclined, I’m fascinated by the challenges and rewards of being a goldsmith; and there will always be challenges as I’m someone who wants to keep exploring and trying out new ideas. When I’m in my workshop, I lose track of time. I’m fulfilled. My designs are inspired by the fascinating path of life, the secret patterns of who we are. We are each of us unique and my creations celebrate that individuality.

These days, my work and my adventures are now bound together, they have become one. I’m living my life the way I choose to and take delight in meeting interesting people from all over the world.

Each piece of jewellery that I create is made with a passion. A passion for life – my passion for life.


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  1. Alison

    There are so many people out there who are trapped in their careers. They think they are happy, but probably not. It’s like a merry go round, and if you are prepared to jump off it can be rewarding in ways you never expected – it’s not just about money and status. You only get one chance at life, so why not take a risk from time to time. I’ve done the same, and don’t regret it for a minute, even if it is a bit scary at times.

    • Gee Backhouse

      Hello Alison,
      Thank you for your comments which I enjoyed reading. I wish you continued success with your adventures!


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